Connecting with the Muse

For me, the process of creating a painting is very deep. Sometimes it's thrilling, sometimes exhausting - in fact I only know it's complete when I can't look at it anymore - but it's always gratifying. Because every time I paint, I connect with my Muse. And nothing feels better.

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  • September 13, 2020

“I am the lucky owner of four works of art by Maggie Parr. Each piece is unique, detailed, intimate and soulful. I feel as though they were painted just for me! Her acrylics, hand drawings and digital art explore the contrasting fierceness and beauty of nature and the human experience. Her works encompass a broad emotional range including passion, serenity, rage, and humor. I am definitely a fan!”

Barbara H., Collector

Classical style oil paintings

Yes, they're paintings of cartoon characters. But they're also faithful reproductions of historical artworks, using classical techniques. In fact, that's half the fun.

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Mom's Dolls

Maggie's mom is an amazing artist with a thriving studio practice. Many of her dolls live in Maggie's studio.

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TransAmerican Heroes - a webcomic by M Parr