Case Study: Tokyo Disneyland Ambassador Hotel

Problem: Theme two signature rooms with murals and design elements from Lilo & Stitch, and Chip & Dale.

Solution: I brought Tim Kirk's wonderful concepts to life in murals, posters and wood inlaid headboards. I also developed and illustrated characters for wallpaper and etched glass elements.

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  • 2016-17
  • Concept, Design, Painting, Illustration
  • Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Director: Lynne Itamura


Tim Kirk is one of my favorite people to work with. His designs are original, funny, well-researched, and cute. He came up with the ideas and rough compositions for most of these images. He made my job easy!

I painted these digitally in Photoshop, and inked the characters in Illustrator.

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Signature Map Illustration

Another of Tim Kirk's brilliant designs. As it so happened, I vacationed in Kaua'i during this project, so I was able to visit Hanapepe and imagine Lilo & Stitch in their hometown!

Glass Etching

I developed character details for the bathroom mirrors and shower doors.

Figurative Touches

Disney guests expect an extra level of detail - so we provided that in hidden characters in the wallpaper.

The Result

The Tokyo Disneyland team created fun themed rooms for both sets of characters, and I was glad to play a part in their process.