Classical style paintings for that mouse-themed company (whose name I'm not supposed to use in any marketing throughout the known universe)

After doing a series of classical style paintings featuring characters for one of the parks, I became fascinated with the idea of replacing portraits of long-ago "royals" or other luminaries with American pop culture iconography. Nothing pleases me more than to render a classic piece (such as the Mona Lisa) using a Disney character - and using the actual painting method of the original artist. It's irreverent and reverent all at once - making an ironic statement while (ironically) satisfying Disney fans. Selfishly, I get to learn about how master artists plied their craft.

The paintings above were created for Imagineering (parks and cruise ships) and their Gallery (CA and Florida). All images ©Disney.

  • 1999-present
  • Painting, Corporate
  • Imagineering, Disney Gallery, and various private clients