Graphic Novels

A graphic novel is a more narrative or interpretive form of a traditional comic. I first started creating long form cartoons in grade school to narrate my vast experiences at that time. After catching the bug for theme park design, I put the comics aside for a few years. Then when my dad died, all I could do was write about it and draw pictures. My passion for comics was re-awakened. I returned to school to get an MFA in Illustration/Graphic Novels, and launched an ambitious webcomic about transgender superheroes. I worked with a writing partner to develop animation pitches and comics for television. Graphic novels are the perfect combination of narrative and art - and a perfect way to harness all of my visual storytelling skills.

See - a graphic novel about transgender superheroes in America.

See - a comic (pitch) about recyclables in a dump (co-written with Char Easton).

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