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Have you ever had to sell an idea, promote a plan, impress stakeholders or raise money? And have your marketing visuals given you a return on investment? IF not, it's probably because they didn't connect to ONE THING at the heart of your effort. That ONE THING is a STORY, with a hero and a journey and a victory to be won. Bringing that story to life in a clear and compelling way is one of the MOST important parts of any presentation. Maggie Parr has used visual storytelling successfully in many applications. This is how it works...


Parr works with you to clarify that ONE THING at the heart of your effort. Whether you're developing marketing/presentation materials, or signature art for your business, Parr will suggest a visual style that fitss your message. It's the foundation work that shapes the rest of the process.


Parr can either collaborate with your marketing team, or she can run with the project to save you the headache. Aside from creating visuals and graphics, Parr can also write copy. You can be confident that Parr will communicate with you every step of the way until you're happy with the final product.


When it's time to present your plan/project/business, the visuals will clearly support your message. You can either run with it on your own, or work with Parr to deliver the presentation. If she is creating signature pieces for your business, anyone who visits can share in your pride.

Partial List of Clients

Caruso Affiliatedt

Walt Disney Imagineering

Bank of America

The Hettema Groupt


Disney Cruise Line


Gold Valley Films

St Martins Preess


Cal State Fullerton

Turner Productions

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